Meet Our Staff


Dr. Kathleen Conway graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A & M University in 1987.  She worked as an associate veterinarian in Spring, San Antonio, Dallas, and Plano before buying into the multi-doctor practice in Plano. 


She and her business partner sold that practice in 2007, and Dr. Conway took a much needed break, traveling with her husband (often referred to as Mr. Dr. Conway), visiting family and friends, and rediscovering hobbies that had been pushed aside. 


Soon enough, though, she began researching and making the preparations necessary to open Blue Sky Veterinary Clinic.  Her dream is to create a practice that will allow her to continue the veterinary work she loves, maintain a personal connection with clients, and achieve a better work-life balance, with the added benefit of working in a facility that reflects her interests and experiences. 


During her off hours, she enjoys spending time with her husband, participating in family gatherings, visiting friends, walking, reading, baking, writing letters, visiting art museums, attending the Dallas Opera and the Dallas Symphony, and perusing antique stores across Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. 


She is looking forward to adopting a couple of pups after a longer than expected hiatus, and fully expects to question said eagerness when cleaning up after their inevitable messes.